Vacuum Truck Services

Reliable Vacuum and Pumping Services

Phillips Recoveries, Inc. specializes in vacuum and pumping services. We provide a high level of service and customer satisfaction. Our equipment includes high-efficiency vacuum units for bulk handling of liquid and solid dry materials. All vacuum equipment is operated by PRI personnel who are trained in safe equipment operation, Class “A” CDL-certified, and OSHA-trained. 

Vacuum services remove materials from oil/water separators, sumps, drains, ponds, and other wet and dry applications.

Phillips has close relationships with specialized vendors & rental companies across the Upstate. 

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Vacuum Services include:

  • Product Recovery
  • Waste Removal
  • Product Transfer
  • Oil and Chemical Leak/Spill Cleanup
  • Viscous and Solidified Waste Removal
  • Dust Containment
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Emergency Response
  • Steam Genie
  • Line Jetting
  • Now Offering Media Return
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